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Fifteen stories of pizzaioli in the first volume of a book intended to reveal the face (or rather 15 faces) of contemporary pizza making. “The book is a way of recounting developments and evolution in the world of pizza, which in recent years has been transformed from a ‘cheap and cheerful’ food to one of excellent quality without losing its popularity. This evolution is largely the result of pizzaioli talking to each other and to master chefs. Premium food preparation techniques applied to pizza making have led to the development of far better products made from and flavoured by fresh ingredients”.

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Alessandro Coppari, Mezzometro® (and more) pizza. Discover Senigallia’s delicious pizzeria – and its twin in Jesi – where you can savour made-to-measure specialities with great toppings.

Ale, officially Alessandro Coppari, is the deus ex machina of this cult venue, a real aficionado of top-quality food products and the inventor of a fantastic, extremely light pizza dough. Not just one but many different types of pizza, all prepared with the same attention to detail. On top of the famous “pizza al metro”, the pizzeria also proposes a range of other doughs including a kamut dough (amazingly tasty), and a gluten-free variety.

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Mezzometro® is famous among well-travelled gourmets but less well-known among normal pizza lovers in Romagna and the Marche region. The elegant premises located on the sea front are quite unlike what most Italians would think of as a typical pizzeria. No pictures of Totò or Vesuvius, no nostalgia for the post-war years, no photos of VIP guests hanging on the walls: instead, you will find stylish, elegant furnishings, somewhat minimalist in style but with a clear emphasis on the new. We had never before tasted such a dense, crispy pizza base that melted spontaneously in the mouth.

“Searching through my memory, I recall a quote from a popular food and wine blog, in which an ecstatic commentator claimed that he had “eaten a pizza with super-powers”. Coincidentally, the said pizza was prepared in a pizzeria on the sea front of a famous Marche seaside resort … the perfect way to satisfy the gourmet inside me without having to carry around a really thick wallet”.

Alessandro Coppari is the owner, master pizza-maker and baking technician of Pizzeria Mezzometro® in Senigallia, a must-visit destination if you want to enjoy a truly great pizza. The tireless host has transformed what was once an ordinary Senigallia pizzeria into the most prestigious yet unpretentious pizzeria in central Italy.


Tradition can be seen as a quest for quality in yeasts, doughs, flours and other ingredients. Enough to compete in the semi-finals of an Italian championship. The challenge between Saporè (ex-Pizzadarè) and Mezzometro® (ex-Michele da Ale) led the victory of the Senigallia pizzeria with a score of 92/100 against 91/100. “A rare pizza for flavour, softness and digestibility, baked in a large wood oven with a refractory stone lining, in which air temperature ranges from 350 and 400°C, a compromise that permits the baking of three different types of pizza: round, kamut and al metro. The Mezzometro® pizzerias in Senigallia and Jesi are also among Italy’s top venues for gluten-free food. Delicious bread, pizza, fresh pasta, cakes and desserts can all be requested gluten-free.”

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